Nutritional Options for Wellness, (‘NOW’)

Buy Cialis Cape Town Our goal is to educate individuals on disease self management. Special food is provided each week for clients every week for a period of 2 years for clients with illnesses, such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease requiring a diet of high protein diet, low salt and low sugar. Participants are required to take at least 6 hours of educational classes within a 6 month period, such as nutrition, cooking, meal planning, exercise classes. Referrals are made through Doctors and Medical Professionals through Spectrum Health Network directly to Access of West Michigan, where they will be assigned to a coordinating Food Pantry. The Process:

1. Your doctor will refer you to the program by submitting an application to ‘NOW.’

2. The team will assign you to a ‘NOW’ pantry based on your location and will contact you about your assignment.

3. You will be served weekly at the pantry with the expectation that you will complete 6 hours of healthy lifestyle education every 6 months.

4. You can participate in the program for up to 2 years.

5. At the end of each term the pantry will assess your participation in the program. You will need to provide lipid panels and blood work results throughout.


How to make a NOW referral: Upload referral forms to Michigan Health Connect

Reviews For Zofran Email forms to:

follow site Fax forms to: 616-988-8714

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