NE Supper House Volunteer Opportunities

NE Supper House is every Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm at St. Alphonsus Roman Catholic Church, 228 Carrier NE.   There are a variety of tasks you can help with:

  • Set-up/Prep Cook (2-3pm)
    Help get the kitchen clean, set-up, and ready to go for the evening. Prep work includes washing and slicing fresh fruits and vegetables. Regular commitment preferred.
  • Cook (3-5pm)
    Work alongside 2-3 volunteers in preparing the meal for the evening. Regular commitment and prior food service experience preferred.
  • Kitchen Server (5-6:45pm)
    Plate food for servers to take to tables.
  • Kitchen/Clean-up (5-7pm)
    Help keep the kitchen clean and running smoothly as dinner is served throughout the night. Tasks include refilling the service area, washing dishes, and sweeping.
  • Dining Room Server (4:45-6:30pm)
    Serve the meal to guests, keep the dining area cleaned, and help take down tables and chairs at the end of the night.   
  • Greeter (5-6:30pm)
    We are seeking smiling faces to welcome our guests and take a count of the number of people we serve. Regular commitment preferred.

Please let us know your interests through this brief survey, and we would love to connect with you!